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Freedom Gazette is built upon the energy and thriving creativity of the Indian people. We welcome ideas, solutions and essays for our website from unsolicited contributors. We assure our writers an influential audience of national and international academics, journalists and policymakers, through the reach of our social media networks and mailing lists. As a policy advocacy venture, we take the task of popularising the ideas and solutions of our writers very seriously.

Essays in our Features sections are typically about 800-1500 words in length and will be consistent with our ideals and principles. Please refer to the content objectives of each of our Features sections for further information.

For those who seek to counter the opinions aired in any of our Features essays, we curate the Point of Order section. Essays in this section are typically about 400-1000 words in length. We welcome thought-provoking submissions from across the ideological spectrum for this section and we are committed to nurturing an atmosphere of rich and productive debate.

To send us pitches or article ideas prior to writing an article, kindly fill out the form below.

In case of any queries or questions, and to contribute draft articles and cartoons, please email us at [email protected]