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Posts published by “Mohamed Zeeshan”

Mohamed Zeeshan is a Founding Partner and Editor-in-Chief of Freedom Gazette. He is a graduate of Columbia University and has previously worked with the Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations in New York. He is currently a columnist for The Diplomat and the author of 'The Z Factor' - a monthly Sunday column in the Deccan Herald.

Time to Rewrite the Anti-Defection Law

The Anti-Defection Law has created a democracy of parties and numbers in India, rather than a democracy of debate and discussion. Lawmaking is increasingly driven, not by the compulsive force of a party’s argument, but by the brute force of a party’s numbers in the legislature.

Reclaiming India’s Nationalist Movement

The cause of Indian freedom inspired people around the world because it was a cause of universal values, rather than a struggle for ethnic supremacy or cultural domination. The cause was not the assertion of an ethnic or cultural identity of Indian-ness; it was for the realisation of fundamental human rights.